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Town of Leakesville seeks to contract with engineering firm

The Town of Leakesville, Mississippi requests proposals from qualified firms or individuals to provide engineering services for work related to the implementation of approved FY 2018 CDBG project. You are invited to submit a proposal, in accordance with this request, to the Office of the Town Clerk, Town of Leakesville 301-A Lafayette Avenue, Leakesville, MS 39451 no later than 12:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 19th, 2018.
The Engineer will be responsible for preparing project cost estimates for application preparation and if awarded the selected Engineer will provide all engineering services through project closeout in accordance with federal, state and local laws, regulations and policies. The scope of work includes but is not limited to the following: 1) prepare plans and specifications, 2) distribute bid documents, 3) assist in bid opening and prepare bid tabulation, 4) assist in the execution of construction contracts, 5) hold pre-construction conference, and 6) perform construction inspection including periodic reports to the Town of Leakesville and approve all payment requests.
The Town of Leakesville is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The Town of Leakesville encourages Minority-owned Business Enterprises (MBEs) and Woman-owned Business Enterprises (WBEs) to submit proposals. The Town of Leakesville also encourages Section 3 eligible businesses to submit proposals. Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968, as amended (12 U.S.C. 17010) requires, to the greatest extent feasible, that the Town of Leakesville and its contractors that participate in the above referenced Program give opportunities for job training and employment to lower incomes residents of the town. Section 3 also requires that contracts for work in connection with the Section 3 area be awarded to Section 3 eligible business concerns.
One (1) original and six (6) copies must be submitted in a sealed envelope and marked with the following language: “Proposal for CDBG Engineering Services.” Proposals will be evaluated on the following factors: Qualifications (40 points), Experience (40 points) and Capacity for Performance (20 points). To be evaluated properly, the following must be addressed in detail:
Qualifications – List of qualifications of persons to be assigned to project;
Experience – Information regarding the firm’s experience and the projects previously undertaken, including the type and amount of grants awarded, the projects activities, and the status of the projects;
Capacity for Performance – Identify the number and title of staff assigned to provide services.
The Town of Leakesville will designate a selection committee to evaluate each proposal. The selection committee will open proposals on March 19th at 1pm at Leakesville Town Hall 301-a Lafayette Avenue, 39451. The selection committee may hold proposals for a period of not to exceed thirty (30) days for the purpose of reviewing the content of the proposals and investigating the qualifications of the firms and assigned individuals. The Town reserves the right to reject any and and/or all proposals.
Subject to CDBG award(s) and the removal of all environmental conditions, the Town of Leakesville will award a contract with the qualified individual or firm whose proposal has the highest number of cumulative points issued by the selection committee and determined to be the most advantageous to the Town of Leakesville, price and other factors considered. The contract will include scope and extent of work and other essential requirements. An individual contract will be executed for each awarded project, and the contract will be on a fixed price basis. The Town of Leakesville has the authority to terminate the selection at any time.
Run Dates: Thursday March 1st, 2018 & Thursday March 8th, 2018
45-(307)-March 1-2tc.

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