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McInnis ready to continue serving Dist. 1 residents if re-elected as Supervisor

Dillon McInnis

Special to the Herald

What a great place Greene County is! I am proud to call this place home. I am proud to be from here and most honored and proud to have been elected a couple of years ago to represent the people of District 1!

I want to take this moment to first brag on you guys. I am so thankful to live in a community of God-fearing people who share common values of hard work, being good neighbors and community involvement. We are a blessed community, one where we all know one another and where we always are willing to help our fellow man. Our people come together to support one another – whether it’s in a Wednesday night prayer group where church members gather to pray for the needs in the community, or a group of men getting together to donate their time and resources to put a roof on a house for a friend and neighbor in need. The support our citizens garnish for one another is incomparable with anywhere in the world! The people here are truly the best asset this county has and the way this county and community unites together makes me excited, makes me proud, fires me up! You all keep me motivated, day in and day out, to strive to make a difference for our community.

I’d like to take this time to highlight a few areas in which District 1 has made a difference. District 1 (D-1) took the lead with the aid of the other districts and with the cooperation of the Leakesville elected officials to construct a 4-acre soccer complex at Bear Creek Park, providing more opportunities for our youth. D-1 utilized outside funding sources to repair and replace numerous pipes along many of our road systems at no direct millage cost to the taxpayer. D-1 completed many asphalt overlay projects in the Pisgah community in 2022, and is currently undergoing asphalt improvement projects across the district. D-1 has maintained a litter control crew with local inmates 3-4 days a week. Additionally, D-1 has made a wide array of drainage and road bed/surface improvements across the district since my time in office. The D-1 Community Center has also received a face lift both inside and out.

Since serving on the board, a 425-acre industrial site has come on the market for potential industrial development. The old factory has been removed and the “old farmer’s market” is being transformed into an Emergency Management Agency facility. Much needed 911 dispatch equipment is on the way to our sheriff’s office, a new Greene County Economic Development website page has been created, and many other items to better serve you have been developed and are ongoing.

My plans are to continue to improve our current infrastructure and see some new and exciting projects come to life. I have supported qualified local people to be utilized for business of the board and local projects in and around the county and I will continue to do so. I will strive to continue to provide better and new opportunities for our youth, support our veterans, and improve our ambulance / critical care services for our citizens.

I’d like to close by saying, you all have trusted me the past couple years to do this job, and I want each of you to know that I am standing by, ready to serve you another four years if you all would allow me to do so by casting your ballots for Dillon McInnis, District 1 Supervisor – a supervisor who is truly thankful for you all and will continue to be a humble supporter of each of you.

Thank you,
Dillon McInnis


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