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Watson makes push for Post 1 Justice Court Judge

Ronnie Watson

Special to the Herald

I Ronnie Watson, would like to announce my candidacy for Justice Court Judge, Post 1. I am a life-long resident and owned a business in the county called Roofing Plus. Some of you, I am sure, have bought metal roofing from me in the past. All the candidates that are running for this job have qualified and are good people. However, no candidate has prior experience as a Justice Court Judge. Whoever wins must take a 40-hour course and pass a test after completion. I am confident that I am the best candidate for this post.

I have been a leader with a large construction company, a contractor, business owner, fire chief, and a National Registered Emergency Medical Technician, etc. I joined the Volunteer Fire Department for Beat 3 and have given my time on fire calls and medical calls for over 30 years; day or night, hot or cold. I have closed the doors of my shop to answer calls. I was glad to have been of some help.

As a Justice Court Judge I would be fair, strong, impartial, and work with the Law Enforcement in the War on Drugs. I don’t want to have a kid just pay a fine or pick up trash on a roadway but, find programs that would help get these kids trained for a job while paying their fine. I want to help keep the county safe by strongly supporting our Law Enforcement and First Responders. I have been out most every weekend talking to as many people as I can. I have missed a lot of you, I know, but I would still like you to consider me as your next Justice Court Judge, Post 1.

Ronnie Watson

Paid political advertisement by Ronnie Watson

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