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Elliot Burch seeks support in his campaign for the House of Representatives – Dist. 105

Elliot Burch and family

Special to the Herald

I, Elliot Burch, humbly ask for your vote in the August 8th Republican Primary election. I am dedicated to being a strong voice for the People of District 105.

I am a member of Rocky Creek Baptist Church, where I serve as a deacon and Sunday school teacher. My wife, Brittany, and I have been blessed with four children—Brooklyn, Kate, Elliot and Evie.

I will fight to ensure that our children have access to a high-quality education and will fight to support the educators who provide that education. I will advocate for special education programs and work to ensure teachers and students have the supports and services they need. Our educational system plays a vital role in the growth, prosperity, and economic development in our communities.

I currently operate a successful law practice, representing individuals and businesses in a range of legal matters. I previously worked as an Assistant District Attorney, prosecuting felony crimes. Prior to becoming an attorney, I worked as a law enforcement officer for almost seven years. My work experience provides a unique perspective on many issues facing our communities.

Public safety and combatting crime are a priority. I will work to ensure proper funding and support of law enforcement and correctional agencies. Safe communities, with a well-educated population, will lead to economic growth.

As Representative, I will build strong relationships with local governments and other stakeholders to foster economic growth and opportunity. By supporting policies that encourage growth, job creation, free markets, and entrepreneurship, we can create a thriving environment for businesses and individuals alike.

I believe in the principles of limited government and individual freedom. I understand that as the government grows, our rights and freedoms diminish. Government should be limited, but when it is involved, government should be effective and efficient.

I will be a tireless advocate for the people of District 105. I am committed to limited government, economic opportunity, and support for our hard-working teachers and law enforcement officers. I am ready to serve as your conservative voice in the Mississippi House of Representatives.


Paid Political advertisement by Elliot Burch.

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