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McInnis says upcoming election “shouldn’t be about politics, it should be about problem solving”

Dillon McInnis
Candidate for Dist. 1 Supervisor

Dear Greene County, importantly the men and women of District 1,

“It shouldn’t be about politics, it should be about problem solving”
When it comes to problems our county faces, I will do everything in my power to solve that
problem with the best interest of the people being first on my mind. After all, if I’m elected you all will be the people that I work for each and every day.
I will be a supervisor for the people, a supervisor who will stand for and use every ounce of energy in my bones to make this wonderful county we call home an even better place. I will be a leader that possesses the right temperance to handle stressful situations, the fortitude to stand for what’s right, the prudence to be timely, and have a strong belief in equal justice for all.
We have great resources here. Resources such as our people, farms, timber, water, wildlife, hospital, nursing homes, and Jones College to name a few. We have the potential to foster growth in our local businesses and attract new growth to provide more and better opportunities for Greene Countians. I think we should build on those resources and create an environment for our people to thrive.
I want our youth to get through school, anchor down roots here, get married here, go to church here, shop here, stay here, be involved here and grow families here.
I’m tired of seeing missed opportunities. I’m tired of seeing our men and women driving hours to work other places while they leave their families behind. I’m tired of seeing those young men and women that get higher educations have to leave Greene County to start or grow their careers. I’m tired of seeing other states, counties, and cities get our good young people.
This in a nutshell is what motivates me to run for this position. I’m ready for our county to realize its potential and achieve a vision that will make everyone in this county proud.
I don’t want Greene County to look like Mobile or Gulfport. We don’t have to be the size of those areas, but I do want us to have healthy growth, some opportunities for our people to work and commute inside our county and not have to leave just to make a living. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that we have some of the most intelligent, hard-working, and willing men and women here who would welcome other options to provide for themselves and families.
Greene County, in my opinion, is the hidden gem of south Mississippi. We have to polish this gem, market it and make sure we have quality industry development to create quality opportunities of employment. To me, this is the key to improving our lives here. Most importantly, I want to grow and foster local businesses that have been paying their taxes and keeping our local economy alive.
If we keep more people here, it helps grow our local economy, offers more choices, and expands opportunities for everyone.
As a forester and business owner myself, I want to make sure each and every business
owner, poultry farmer, cattle farmer, timberland owner, or family homesteader has a voice through me. I will not support any measure that could have a negative impact on our current businesses. We must protect the businesses we have and do all that we can to give them the opportunities they need. I genuinely pledge to support the businesses we have in Greene County.
We have a strong group of farmers, landowners, and forestry industry leaders who have been the very backbone of this county since its founding. We have a dedicated and willing community of business owners who choose to operate their business from this county, offering services and goods to their neighbors. I won’t forget their commitment to this county and these groups of local leaders have viewpoints that will help our community maintain itself and grow.
Some people have been hesitant about me because I am a young man. But being a father, family man, and business owner where I manage my home and business, I have the confidence to take on any challenges the county experiences. I also know the issues people like myself live with everyday – concerns about childcare, education, extracurricular activities, and chances for our children to have as much opportunity as children elsewhere.
In the technological age we live in I am certain I would bring new ideas to the table to help promote Greene County. I am willing to listen to everyone’s input and consider it with a fresh mind and outlook.
I also put my trust in God, have confidence in myself and my experiences in life to overcome any obstacles that are laid before me.
Roads and bridges are a problem to be dealt with. I do not want to go without mentioning that because it’s only common sense to repair and replace areas that need attention as funding allows. Our citizens, farmers, landowners, and businesses should not be constrained by our infrastructure.
In my profession, I’ve had first-hand experience in road construction and maintenance. I’ve personally owned and operated machinery such as dozers and road graders. As I have gone around the county visiting and talking with many of you, I’ve seen and identified road maintenance problems that need to be addressed, and feel I can help to remediate those problems.
In addition, county government is funded by taxpayers to provide services to those taxpayers – roads, schools, courts, law enforcement, property appraisal, emergency management, economic development, g-ambulance/helicopter service, junior college and many more. I will work to make sure service to our customer the taxpayer is provided efficiently, fairly, and in a timely manner.
If elected supervisor, I will work mutually with the Town of Leakesville, fellow supervisors and state leaders. It’s only for the common good of you, the people, that we work together to make this the best place. Too many times, the state government hands down mandates that cost local governments more money, but do not offer any funding to help. I will strive to work with our local representatives in the legislature to ensure future laws do not strain local resources, and ultimately, county taxpayers. I believe Greene County should be afforded the same respect and given the same opportunities as any other county in Mississippi.
I want to find ways to keep our property taxes from increasing. I believe county government should live within its means. I will be a supervisor that will plan ahead, prioritize our needs and find ways to cut down on unnecessary spending. I will strive to be the supervisor who always votes for what’s right, for what’s in the best interest of the county and its people, even if that means a 4-1 vote.
In short, support me if you want…
• A God-fearing man with the highest interest in improving the quality of life for you, your children, my children and the future generations of this great place we call home.
• Quality growth
• A man who listens and is:
– Ethical
– Level Headed
– Respectful
– Humble
– Understanding
– Listens
– Honest
– Trustworthy and has Integrity
– Hard-working
– An advocate for current and new business owners, farmers, landowners/taxpayers
– Someone with new ideas, and
– Someone who is proud to call Greene County home.
Thank you for reading and for your consideration of me for this position.
Remember to vote November 2nd, or cast an absentee ballot if you can’t make it to the polls. And most importantly, remember to cast your vote for me,
Dillon McInnis
Candidate, Dist. 1 Supervisor
Paid Political Announcement by Dillon McInnis, Candidate

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