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Doris Holder makes case to Leakesville voters for support in aldermen’s election

Special to the Herald

Hello. I’d like to introduce myself for those that don’t know me. I’m Doris Holder, and I’m asking for your support in the upcoming municipal elections in the Town of Leakesville where I am running for a seat on the board of aldermen.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I first came to Leakesville in 1970. I married Rickie Holder Sr. in 1978 and have lived here most of that time. I love our little town and would love to see it thriving again.

In the 43 years Rickie and I have been married, we have raised four children, Kim (Charlie) Cone, Rickie (Jessica) Holder Jr., Mickey (Ashley) Holder and Anthony (Kelly) Holder. We have been blessed with 14 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. I want our town to be somewhere they want to raise their families.

As I’ve been out talking to people, I’ve come to understand most of our community has the same desires. Our town needs a lot of attention. The past few weeks, I’ve seen things being done around the town. It looks good, but the work needs to continue to make our town better. I want to make it a place where people want to visit, shop and invest in our town. We have new businesses opening, and I would encourage everyone to visit them and support the local economy.

I’ve also heard a lot about the lack of a town police department, the condition of our streets and sidewalks and the overall appearance of the town. Many citizens I have talked to expressed their love for the town and their desire to see it improved and prospering. In my 50 years here, I have seen our town turn into a shell of what it once was. I understand changing times, but it’s time for a change in leadership for the betterment of our town.

I can assure you, the voters, I will work hard for the Town of Leakesville if I am elected to serve as alderman.

Regardless if you vote for me, PLEASE VOTE Tuesday, June 8. Our town needs you.

Thank you,
Doris Holder

Paid political advertisement by Doris Holder, candidate.

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