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If elected as mayor, Arrixie Garretson intends on doing more for the citizens of Leakesville

Arrixie Garretson – candidate for Mayor, Town of Leakesville

Special to the Herald

I am Arrixie Garretson Sproul, and I would like to be your next Mayor.

As a native of Leakesville, I have an interest in helping grow and improve our small town. Since retiring from teaching school I have been actively involved with MSLO, leading improvements such as a new design for Green Park, renovations of Bear Creek park, landscaping around municipal buildings, organizing clean up Leakesville day, establishing a community garden, writing grants as well as participation in sponsored events.

As your Mayor, I believe together we can do more for our town. I have been listening to suggested improvements proposed by citizens of our community.

As Mayor of Leakesville, I will support the following platform:
– repair and clean streets and seek solutions for drainage;
– work closely with the sheriff’s department to maintain a safe community;
– develop relationships with business owners and create incentives for property owners to sell or rent business property;
– enhance city parks and acquire grants to fund improvement projects;
– establish a publicly-accessible meeting time with town officials;
– build a working relationship with county supervisors;
– explore and implement incentives for new businesses and improvements for existing businesses; and
– engage in a vigorous revitalization program for downtown to create an appealing environment to attract tourists and small business;
– promote our town as a safe, desirable community in which to live;
– expand and improve the Chickasawhay River Blueway;
– ensure that policy decisions are fair and inclusive;
– and finally, get the best value for every dollar spent.



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  1. Grant Garretson on April 23, 2021 at 5:59 pm

    I fully support this campaign!!

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