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Sarah James makes formal pitch for Chancery Clerk post

Special to the Herald

The citizens of Greene County are my friends, my colleagues, and my family. My husband, Clint James, and I live in the Vernal Community where we attend Vernal Presbyterian Church. Our children, Harper and Piper, both attend Greene County schools. For the last eight years, I have truly enjoyed serving you as Election Commissioner for Beat Four, a position for which I ran as an independent candidate. I made the decision to run as an independent so that the people of our community could feel assured of fair and impartial representation at the polls. Now, after careful consideration, I have again decided to run as an independent candidate to ensure that our community, our home, has a fair and impartial Chancery Clerk. Because this is our home, I take the responsibilities of that office very seriously.

For instance, I understand that it is never easy to prepare for the loss of a loved one, and many of the members of our community may quickly find themselves overwhelmed with the intricacies of estate planning. As your Chancery Clerk, I will provide educational opportunities for the citizens of Greene County so that our families can make sense of the legalities involved in estate planning. The last thing any of our bereaved and grieving families need to experience is a difficult legal proceeding. The Chancery Court itself also would benefit from fewer cases passing through its doors. These educational opportunities could spare our families in terms of personal expense and our community in terms of tax dollars.

Another exciting aspect of the office of Chancery Clerk is the opportunity to work with the Board of Supervisors for Greene County. As the clerk for the Board of Supervisors, I intend to work closely with the members to encourage economic growth. Our community has great potential, and I have faith that we can work together to bring in more businesses and attract investment to provide more and better career opportunities for the citizens of Greene County.

As a citizen of Greene County, I, too, am invested in our community. I have worked at the South Mississippi Correctional Institution for nearly twenty years. I graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi and earned my Master of Education degree from William Carey College where I also earned certifications in administration, school guidance counseling, and vocational counseling. For the last eleven years, I have served as the Director of Education at SMCI and worked to reintegrate people into society as reformed and productive citizens. I have maintained my credentials as an AA Certified Educator for the State of Mississippi. With your help, I hope to bring the skills I have developed as a teacher, organizer, and administrator to public office. It would be my privilege to serve as your Chancery Clerk.

On Nov. 5, please cast your vote for Sarah James as your Greene County Chancery Clerk. I sincerely appreciate your support and look forward to working for you and our community.
Sarah James


Paid political announcement by Sarah James.

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