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McLeod touts experience in re-election bid for Greene Co. Sheriff

Candidate for Re-Election as Greene County Sheriff

Special to the Herald

Dear Fellow Greene Countians:

First, let me say that it has been a real honor and pleasure for me to serve as your Sheriff over these past several years. I am humbled by your confidence and trust in me and have worked hard to live up to the expectations you have of me personally and of your sheriff’s department.

Since you first elected me in 1991 it has been my goal to serve you with integrity, fairness and compassion. I have learned a lot over the course of the past 24 years in office and am proud of the job my staff and I have done during that time. It is my sincere hope that you will trust me to lead your county law enforcement for another four years by voting for me in the Nov. 5th General Election.

There have been tremendous changes in law enforcement and our community as a whole over the past two and a half decades. Adapting to those changes has been important and I feel like we have done a good job in that regard, despite the limited resources we have available. That experience (both in the line of duty and as the department head managing personnel and budget issues) is what sets me apart from my opponent and is something I believe all voters should heavily consider when casting their ballots.

One of the things I am very proud of is the way we have managed the resources made available to us by you, the taxpayers. I take that responsibility seriously and feel we have done more with less as we have worked to:
• recruit, train and support highly-qualified and certified law enforcement officers and 911 personnel;
• provide the security and support needed by the four (4) separate court systems in our county (chancery, circuit, justice and youth courts); and
• foster relationships and build great working partnerships with the local school district, SMCI, the highway patrol and many other agencies around the area and state.

Having qualified officers is critical and I am proud of the team we have assembled. Working closely with other departments and agencies is also of the highest importance and we have built relationships that help make our community safer and better equipped to respond to emergencies.

Yes, there is still work to be done and more challenges ahead. That is why experience and knowledge are so critical in this race. So, please go to the polls on Nov. 5th and vote to re-elect Stanley McLeod as your sheriff.

Thank you,

Stanley McLeod
Greene County Sheriff


Paid political announcement by Stanley McLeod – Candidate

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