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MDOC working out issues with emergency notification system

From Staff Reports

The new mass notification system being employed by the Mississippi Department of Corrections at the South Mississippi Correctional Institution (SMCI) still has a few kinks to work out, but state and local prison officials are saying they hope to have the issues fixed soon.

A test of the system last Thursday worked just as intended in the sense that it identified several problems that need to be fixed. Officials at SMCI confirmed that many residents in the area did not receive the test alert that was sent out last Thursday morning. They said they are continuing to address the issues that were discovered and hope to get the system working as intended as soon as possible.

“We appreciate that people are aware that the system was tested,” MDOC said in a statement. “And those who did not receive the test should register.”

Local residents who did not receive the text or phone alert are encouraged to ‘opt-in’ to the system by visiting the website

The system will allow a user to register multiple phones and sign up for phone calls and text messages.

When working as intended, the system is designed to send a message to every cell phone registered to the system or active within the county at the time the message is sent. This will allow visitors to the area or travelers making their way through the area to receive emergency notifications.

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