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Town of Leakesville Municipal Court begins new amnesty program

Program allows defendants wanted for old fines, failure to appear a chance to settle without fear of arrest

From Staff Reports

The Town of Leakesville is offering a new amnesty program to misdemeanor offenders with certain outstanding warrants.

The Leakesville Municipal Court will run an amnesty program from Friday, Feb. 1 through Tuesday, April 30. The amnesty program is available to individuals with a non-violent misdemeanor arrest warrant from the Leakesville Municipal Court for failure to pay fines, failure to complete a work program or failure to complete the terms of probation. According to court officials, persons with outstanding warrants of this type can work with the court to clear up outstanding fines without arrest.

The program will also waive warrant fees on all past due fines and dismiss any bench warrant fees. This program does not apply to felony warrants.

Court officials said earlier this week that defendants may go to Leakesville Town Hall any time during the amnesty period to ask about joining the amnesty program. At that time, defendants can make satisfactory payment arrangements, subject to approval by the court. The court will accept full or partial payments and/or issue a new court date to set up a payment schedule once approved by the court.

For more information on the amnesty program for Leakesville Municipal Court, call Leakesville Town Hall at (601) 394-2383.

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