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Dear readers:

The head elf over Santa Letters at the North Pole was a little disappointed to learn that we had unintentionally omitted several letters from first and second graders at Sand Hill School from our publication of Letters to Santa in our Christmas Greetings edition this week.

The really good news is that I have been assured that all the letters submitted are in good hands with Santa’s helpers, despite my slip up in not publishing them in the newspaper.

Still, I am publishing the omitted letters with this post.

Thank you for your readership and friendship and Merry Christmas from all of us here at the Herald.

With best regards,

George R. ‘Russell’ Turner – Editor/Publisher



Dear Santa: I want an ipod hover board and a race car that climbs the walls. That’s all.

Love, Brock Crane


Dear Santa: My name is Jaxon Dole. I would like a nerf gun for Christmas please. I also want a new backpack and some new socks. I hope you have a safe flight!

Love, Jaxon


Dear Santa: I want an ipod, a play station and monster truck, legos. Most of all I want everybody to have a good Christmas. I want a little building set.

I love you, Blake Garrett


Dear Santa Claus: I want a set of clothes and a baby doll set.

Love, Emmalyn


Dear Santa: My name is Allie H. I would like for Christmas a baby doll set and mackup.

Love, Allison Holland


Dear Santa, I want reborin baby doll a crib, a stroller, and reborin baby doll clothes.

Love, Cassi


Dear Santa:  I want the movie Madagascar 3, LOL dolls, duck boots. A backpack for my American girl doll, magic pud, spirit riding, free horse and doll.

Love, Briella


Dear Santa:  I hope you have a safe sleigh ride on Christmas. I’d like a new hatchimal and bunk beds. Thank you.

Love, Avery Nixon


Dear Santa: I want a hover board and a I pad and karake. Tv and a cat and a Elf. I love you Santa. Santa, my teacher is good. I get on green.

From Charity Pierce


Dear Santa:  I would like a double baby doll stroller, a apple watch, twin baby dolls.

From Alli Grace Rigney


Dear Santa: I would really like a jymna stick mat. I want a bike. I want an art set. I want a hot lava set.

From Kynslee Roberson


Dear Santa: I want a toy and a poster of a dog. I love Santa.

Love, Abby Roberts


Dear Santa:  I would like a LOL Big Surprise, Barbie Doll Dream Home, an Ashton Drake Peanut doll, and a real phone like Mom’s. Please bring my brother some Paw Patrol things.

Love, MadiBeth


Dear Santa:  I want a hover board, I want a ring master suit, I want Mama, Dady and us all to have a nice Christmas.

Love, Ledger Whiddon


Dear Santa: I have been a good girl. I want a baby alive and a snow globe. I also want clothes and shoes.

Love, Elli Byrd


Dear Santa, I want to get a monster truck. I want four jets and ten rubber snakes. I want a co. Shark parks. I want a robot snake. I want a 22 gun too.

From Leighton Cochran


Dear Santa,

I want a baby Alive. I been very good this year, so I also want a LOL dolls, LOL doll house, book bag, American doll.

From Shelby


Dear Santa,

I would like a PS4, beyblades, wallet, and a new hat.

From Levi Pipkins


Dear Santa:   I want a gowcart. I want some books. I want some trucks. I want some tractors.

From Ian Rayner


Dear Santa:   I would like an elechrick gitar so me and my dad and my friends can be in a band. I would also like a remote contrull car. A bird. A gun.

Love, Brooks Walley


Dear Santa:  I want a jeep and doll. Trailer and horse. A unicorn, a jojo doll. huver bord and bath bomb maker.

Love, Rylee Miller


Dear Santa:   I would like a RC car and a helicopter.

Love, Austin Martin


Dear Santa:    I want an American girl doll and a karaoke machine and an electric scooter for Christmas. And can you please make it snow?

Love, Emmalynn


Dear Santa, I want orbeez, American Girl Doll and accessories, cotton candy maker and a Barbie camper.

Love, Allison Walley


Dear Santa:  How are you today? I am sad I didn’t get an elf at my house for my home to watsh us. I want a big LOL doll. the biggest prize, the new LOLs please! And a big box of LOL bows you can find.

Love, Everlee Renfroe


Dear Santa:  I want a art kit, and every Disney Princess Barby. and every Disney Princess costoom kit. Thanks Santa for my elf.

Love, Paylin


Dear Santa:   I am in first grade at Sand Hill School. I would like a bike, a 22 crickett gun and a remote control buggy. I have been good this year.

Love you, Ayson Manning


Dear Santa:  How are you? My name is Mailee Byrd. I want the LOL bigger surprise, hair goals, and the bling ball series. I would like a Barbie too. Merry Christmas!

Love, Mailee


Dear Santa:  How is Dancer? I want a Santa Cam. I want a new back pack. I want a baby Jesus toy. I want a choker neckless. I want a LOL house and LOL people. I want an animal book. I want a stuft animal. I want some sunglasses. I want a Dog Man book. I want a drum set. I love you.

Love, Shealynn Causey


Dear Santa:   How are you doing? I want a basketball. And some cool clothes. And if you can make me a cool pencil holder for a cool pencil. And a real cook book about all kinds of things. And a cool play truck that I can drive. I know that’s a lot of working. I love you Santa Clase.

Love, Keirslyn Cochran


Dear Santa:  How is Mrs. Claus? I would like a hover board, hatchimal, difrint colord slime, silver bell.

Love, Allie Crane


Dear Santa:   How’s Rudolf, Santa? Is he behaving? I hope he is. Now, I would like to have an atv and pokemon kards and some cholet and a PS3 with 2 controllers, a video game and a new bed.

Love, Nathan Dickens


Dear Santa:   How are you? I want a robot. I want a wallet. I want alligator license, hunting license, seet hunting license. I want a dog. I want a nife and I want a gun.

Love, Case Errington


Dear Santa:   How are you? I wood like a invater nerf gun and a attachment.

Love, Brennan Holland


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